Bad boss and coworker stories

I… M… D… E… A… D…

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My aunt is handling my grandfather’s affairs after he passed away. Most of it goes smoothly except when she tries to close one of his accounts. They always say that they need to speak to the account holder to close the account. She sends in a copy of the death certificate and they still can’t comprehend that he is dead!

Finally, after several months of this, she’s had enough. 

Rep: “We’ll need to speak to the account holder. “

Aunt: “Then get a Ouija board!”

Rep: *Long pause* “Pardon?”

Aunt: “He’s dead! So if you really need to talk to him, get a Ouija board.”

Rep: “Uh… I’ll just close this out for you.”

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We Think Their Problems May Start At The Top

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I go to lunch with my boyfriend and my best friend. We decide to go to a chain sit-down restaurant that is fairly mediocre but within our price range.

We are seated outside, which is fine as it is a nice day. However, there is only one outdoor waitress, and it seems she has several tables inside, as well, so she takes quite a while to get to us. We assure her we are in no rush and place our orders.

The appetizer comes out twenty minutes later, lukewarm and stale. Despite the fact that we’re hungry, they are so unappetizing we leave them untouched except for the initial taste test.

When the first of the entrees arrives, my friend digs in. She takes about two bites and stops. She pulls a piece of plastic from her mouth, which must have come from something in the kitchen, as it was baked into the pizza itself.

We wait another fifteen minutes before the waitress returns with the other entrees. When we show her the plastic, she is suspicious at first, because plenty of people try to scam. Once she sees the piece, clearly warped from being baked, she is apologetic and asks if my friend wants a replacement. My friend declines as she doesn’t want to wait another thirty minutes.

My boyfriend and I start to eat and find that this food is cold and tastes insanely over-salted. When the waitress stops by to refresh our drinks — thankfully fairly quickly — we tell her about the issue. She apologizes profusely and assures us that she will take it off the bill, unless we would rather exchange it for another item.

At this point, the manager comes over, looking annoyed that the waitress had been taking so long.

Manager: “Is there a problem, folks?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, but my friend had a piece of plastic in her pizza, and both my and my boyfriend’s meals are kind of cold and really salty for some reason. If it’s possible, can we just cancel our order? This is not really edible for me, and we don’t want to take up any more time here.”

The manager looks at the waitress for an explanation.

Waitress: “I don’t know why that is. As soon as the cooks gave me the food, I brought it out, so something must have gone wrong in the kitchen.”

She is sincere and clearly frustrated, as this not only costs her time with her other tables, but by the looks of the manager, will get her in trouble despite her explanation.

Friend: “I’m sorry, but can we just have the check?”

The manager tells the waitress he will handle this. My friends and I are fairly young, and it seems he thinks we are trying to get free food. He returns with the bill a moment later and stands directly next to the table, waiting for us to pay.

We look at the bill.

Friend: “Excuse me, but my pizza is still on here.”

Manager: “Yes, well, you ate it.”

Friend: “No, I didn’t! There was a piece of plastic in it, anyway, which definitely shouldn’t be in a pizza.”

Me: “Sir, it seems we were charged for drink refills, as well. I thought that was only for specialty drinks, and that iced tea and water were unlimited refills. And both of our entrees are listed as dinner specials when we ordered a la carte, and we didn’t eat them anyway.”

The manager glares at us.

Manager: “Just pay and get out! You’ve wasted food and clearly just want to be cheap when you don’t want to pay a bill.”

My friends and I look at each other in disbelief. I stand and put $10 on the table, more than enough to cover a drink and my portion of the appetizer. My friend and boyfriend do the same.

Me: “Sir, the food was inedible, and we waited for almost an hour before it even arrived.”

The manager snatches up the money and disappears back inside the restaurant.

Waitress: “I’m really sorry.”

Me: “It’s okay, I guess. I mean, we didn’t get to eat, but we know that’s not your fault.”

We gave her a $10 tip and left to go get food elsewhere.

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Maybe Her Brain Has A Leak, Too

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It’s a holiday, so most offices are closed. I leave my house and see water bubbling up out of the street. I call the water company to report a break. The recorded message tells me the office is closed for the holiday but to hold for emergencies. Eventually, someone answers.

Clerk: “This is [Water Company]. How can I help you?”

Me: “I need to report a water main break at [Street], [Town].”

Clerk: “A water main break? I don’t have any reports of a water main break in [Town].”

Me: “That’s why I am reporting it.”

Clerk: *Loud sigh* “Fine. What’s the nearest cross street?”

Me: “It’s on [Street] at the corner of [Cross Street].”

Clerk: “And I’m going to need your name and a good phone number so my on-call guy can have you show him where the break is.”

I give my name and phone number.

Me: “I don’t think he’ll need to call.”

Clerk: “Of course, he’s going to call. He needs someone to show him this ‘break.’”

The on-call guy takes thirty minutes to arrive. By the time he does, the police have blocked off the street. The bubbling water has now turned into a twenty- to twenty-five-foot high fountain. He parks the truck and gets out and starts filming. Once he’s taken his video, he removes some tools and manages to shut off the water. I’m standing on my porch watching him when he starts to make a phone call. My phone rings and I answer it.

Tech: “Hi, I’m the on-call tech for [Water Company].”

I wave and call to him instead of talking on the phone.

Me: “Hi. I’m assuming you found the leak.”

Tech: “Yeah. I got a dispatch that said I had to call you to locate the leak. I’m assuming that was it.”

Me: “Yes. It wasn’t that bad when I called.”

Tech: “I figured. I still don’t know why I had to call you.”

Me: “Me, either.”

Tech: “That dispatcher is known for not believing there’s a broken main until she gets at least five calls. I guess she didn’t believe you.”

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Arachnophobes Make Do

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I’m working late at night and there’s no one around until… I see a huge spider in the corner, running right at me! I’m super scared of spiders, especially big ones, and any other creepy-crawly, really.

Me: “Augh!”

I look around to find a newspaper, but there’s none. I spot a broom, grab it, and start beating the spider with all of my might.

Me: “Take that! I hate you to death!”

I hit him until I was satisfied, which was a long time. Then, I looked to make sure he was dead. Nope! He was stunned about being hit about a hundred times, but he quickly got up, decided I was nuts, and went behind something to hide. I’m lucky no customer came down and saw, but the general manager got an eyeful when he reviewed the camera tapes.

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Maybe You Should Just Close For The Day

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I need a new computer. I go to a national company with a local branch that generally served me well and take a look at what is available.

I talk to the salesman, pointing at one which has all I want at a price I am prepared to pay.

Me: “I’d like to take a look at that one.”

Salesman: “Certainly.”

He goes off to get it and then comes back.

Salesman: “Sorry, that one’s out of stock.”

I point to the one next to it; it’s almost what I want, but it is a bit more expensive.

Me: “What about that one?”

The same thing happens again: the salesman goes off to get it and then comes back.

Salesman: “Sorry, that’s out of stock, as well. We get our deliveries on Thursday.”

Me: “No worries, then. I’ll go somewhere else that isn’t playing bait-and-switch.”

I went to a different company and got a computer sort of the same as the one I’d been looking at but considerably cheaper.

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