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So I work with the tax office and had a woman call wanting her TFN

Me: Hi, you’re speaking to (name), how may I help you.
Customer: I need my TFN
M: OK, can I have your full legal name and date of birth
C: Amy
M: and your last name?
C: I told you, my name is Amy!

*I know that some people only have one name, so I don’t push it*

M: and your date of birth?
M: I understand, but I actually can’t find your record without your full legal name and date of birth. It is literally impossible.

This went on for a good 5-10 minutes before she hung up on me, stating she would be complaining about me. All I ever knew about her was her name was Amy.

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I’m terrified of dentists but I’m getting “meth mouth” from my ADHD meds, so I make n appointment with a place my cousin says treated her well. Everyone is supernice, until a tech comes in to get x-rays. She matches me uo to this huge machine and has me stretch up to put my chin in the machine and bite on what I guess is the x-ray film. Then she starts raising the platform my head is on! I began rising ontl my tiptoes and she toold me to stop. Then then film thing broke off when I couldn’t reaach any higher. We try again and this time she is yelling at me to stop moving, relax my sholders, etc, because the revolving part of the maaching “can’t touch your shoulders.” It isn’t! Nothing is touching me and I can barely hang on m=by my teeth! I run my hands around my shoulders to show her and she yells at me to be still. Then the littleplastic thing snaps off in my teeth again. She says “If you’re going to keep breaking that off we’re going to hve a problem here!” I told her I wasn’t trying to but I’m short and I have almost no neck. SHe stkked off without a word. The other tech saw me standing there with the chin try on about the level of my forehead, and saw me experimenting with fitting my head up that high. She came over to help and I told her I didn’t mean to make the other girl mad, but she ignored me. Loweing the chin try to its original level, she took the x-rays with no trouble. After that I asked several times why the first girl kept runing it so high and stated that I felt I was bullied, possibly over an issue I noted on the intake form. The person I said that to just got offended nd said she, herself, was professional and did not bully people. SIgh. No one ever did answer my questions and simply went on as if all was normal. In order to fix my teeth I have to go bck 4 times and I think I am noted as “Problem patient” now. If anyone else would accept my insurnce, I’d switch practices.

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I’m waiting in a check out line with my four month old daughter. An older woman behind me starts doing the normal waving and smiling at her that a lot of people do to babies.

Then, too fast for me to react, the woman says to my daughter, “Do you have teeth yet?” And sticks her fingers in my daughter’s mouth to check! I pulled my daughter back to me as she started crying and the woman says to her, “Oh, what’s wrong, Baby?”

Holding my crying daughter close, I said harshly, “Maybe she doesn’t like strangers sticking fingers in her mouth!” The woman went wide-eyed and scurried away, maybe finally learning that just because babies are tiny doesn’t mean they’re toys. Probably not, but I can hope.

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In the Netherlands, most restaurants dissallow smoking at the terrace, which I highly approve of. This evening, my mother and I were enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant when I suddenly caught a mouthful of smoke because the table next to us just had to light up a sigarette. I mentioned to the table that I didn’t think this was okay, and that it was disrupting our experience. All I got was a shrug, so I quickly asked a waitress if we could move, which they allowed, even though they didn’t do anything after that. I just think smoking near other people’s food just isn’t okay.

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Once in a while, I get a cold call asking if I was missold PPI insurance. I haven’t, but usually the telemarketer won’t accept that.. until today.

PPI guy: “Have you recovered the missold PPI payment you’re owed?”
Me: “I was never sold any.”
PPI guy: “Are you sure? It could be on anything from before 2009.”
Me: “Well, in 2009 I was 15 so I’m pretty sure.”
PPI guy: “Ah. Okay. That would explain it. Have a night day!”

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