It’s Gonna Be A Looooong Year

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It’s New Year’s and we’re kicking out customers after a manic event — it’s 6:30 am by this point — where the club reached capacity, approximately 4000 people. We’re all exhausted and quite frankly looking forward to our staff party after work for working New Year and New Year’s Day, so we’re trying to get everyone out quickly so I’ve been asked to help in the cloakroom.

Customer: “I’ve lost my ticket. Can you look for my coat for me?”

The majority of the customers still need to leave; she’s one of the first I serve.

Me: “Sorry, but I’m afraid it’s club policy that if you’ve lost your ticket you have to wait till the end for us to find your coat.”

Customer: “It’s not f****** difficult. I’ll tell you what it looks like and you can get it.”

Me: “I’m really sorry, but as I said before, I can’t get your coat until the end unless you have a ticket.”

Customer: “Listen here, you f****** b****. Just look for my f****** coat. It’s black.”

Me: “There are about 2000 black coats back there. I’m not looking for yours until the end or until you have the ticket.”

Customer: “Why the f*** not?”

Me: “Firstly, I’m not allowed to. Secondly, that’s the biggest waste of time.”

Customer: “F*** you, you little c***. You’re going to find me my f****** coat.”

She continues to shout and call me names for about five minutes before I can say anything.

Me: “I’m not finding your coat. Now go to the back of the line and wait.”

Customer: “I have f****** work at nine o’clock; I don’t have time to be waiting around.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you should have thought of that before you decided to go clubbing until six in the morning.”

Customer: “Stupid b****, get me your f****** manager.”

Me: “I can tell you now that she will tell you exactly the same.”

The manager had observed this whole incident and went to speak to her. The customer continued to swear and called me and the manager a bunch of obscene names. This went on for about ten minutes until the manager told her, quite forcefully, that if she was not going to wait, she could go home and call back when she was sober. The customer sulked off to the back of the queue, calling me a b****, etc., under her breath. It took so much for me not to lose my temper with her.

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We Think Their Problems May Start At The Top

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I go to lunch with my boyfriend and my best friend. We decide to go to a chain sit-down restaurant that is fairly mediocre but within our price range.

We are seated outside, which is fine as it is a nice day. However, there is only one outdoor waitress, and it seems she has several tables inside, as well, so she takes quite a while to get to us. We assure her we are in no rush and place our orders.

The appetizer comes out twenty minutes later, lukewarm and stale. Despite the fact that we’re hungry, they are so unappetizing we leave them untouched except for the initial taste test.

When the first of the entrees arrives, my friend digs in. She takes about two bites and stops. She pulls a piece of plastic from her mouth, which must have come from something in the kitchen, as it was baked into the pizza itself.

We wait another fifteen minutes before the waitress returns with the other entrees. When we show her the plastic, she is suspicious at first, because plenty of people try to scam. Once she sees the piece, clearly warped from being baked, she is apologetic and asks if my friend wants a replacement. My friend declines as she doesn’t want to wait another thirty minutes.

My boyfriend and I start to eat and find that this food is cold and tastes insanely over-salted. When the waitress stops by to refresh our drinks — thankfully fairly quickly — we tell her about the issue. She apologizes profusely and assures us that she will take it off the bill, unless we would rather exchange it for another item.

At this point, the manager comes over, looking annoyed that the waitress had been taking so long.

Manager: “Is there a problem, folks?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, but my friend had a piece of plastic in her pizza, and both my and my boyfriend’s meals are kind of cold and really salty for some reason. If it’s possible, can we just cancel our order? This is not really edible for me, and we don’t want to take up any more time here.”

The manager looks at the waitress for an explanation.

Waitress: “I don’t know why that is. As soon as the cooks gave me the food, I brought it out, so something must have gone wrong in the kitchen.”

She is sincere and clearly frustrated, as this not only costs her time with her other tables, but by the looks of the manager, will get her in trouble despite her explanation.

Friend: “I’m sorry, but can we just have the check?”

The manager tells the waitress he will handle this. My friends and I are fairly young, and it seems he thinks we are trying to get free food. He returns with the bill a moment later and stands directly next to the table, waiting for us to pay.

We look at the bill.

Friend: “Excuse me, but my pizza is still on here.”

Manager: “Yes, well, you ate it.”

Friend: “No, I didn’t! There was a piece of plastic in it, anyway, which definitely shouldn’t be in a pizza.”

Me: “Sir, it seems we were charged for drink refills, as well. I thought that was only for specialty drinks, and that iced tea and water were unlimited refills. And both of our entrees are listed as dinner specials when we ordered a la carte, and we didn’t eat them anyway.”

The manager glares at us.

Manager: “Just pay and get out! You’ve wasted food and clearly just want to be cheap when you don’t want to pay a bill.”

My friends and I look at each other in disbelief. I stand and put $10 on the table, more than enough to cover a drink and my portion of the appetizer. My friend and boyfriend do the same.

Me: “Sir, the food was inedible, and we waited for almost an hour before it even arrived.”

The manager snatches up the money and disappears back inside the restaurant.

Waitress: “I’m really sorry.”

Me: “It’s okay, I guess. I mean, we didn’t get to eat, but we know that’s not your fault.”

We gave her a $10 tip and left to go get food elsewhere.

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We Eat People Like You For Breakfast, Part 2

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I am sixteen and have just started working as a server at a breakfast-themed restaurant. I’m still learning the menu. A man in his mid-twenties seats himself in my section while I’m cleaning a table, so I go to the back and wash my hands and go out to his table.

Me: “Hi, my name is [My Name] and I’ll be your server today! I’m sorry about the wait. We usually seat people ourselves. What can I start you off with?”

Customer: “I need a glass of water because you keep it hot inside.”

Me: “All right, and can I get your food order, as well?”

Customer: “How the f*** can I do that when I didn’t get a menu?!”

Me: “Sir, we usually give them when we seat someone, but you seated yourself. I can bring one out with your water.”

Customer: “I guess that works.”

I go to the back and ask another server to take that table, as I’m sure he will give me problems, but they refuse.

Me: “Here is a cold water and the menu. I’ll be back in a moment to get the order.”

Customer: “Can’t you take it now? I’ve been here for ten minutes.”

Me: “Yes, sir. What can I get you?”

Customer: “Umm, does the turkey dinner come with garlic bread?”

Me: “No, sir, we do not serve garlic bread, but we do offer oth—”

Customer: “Yes, you f****** do! The [Same Restaurant Chain] in [Town a few states away] serves it every time!”

Me: “Sir, we do not serve that here. We may have before, but on these new menus, we do not.”

Customer: “I bet it’s because you have those illegals working in the back.”

Me: “Can I finish taking your order?”

Customer: “Yeah, get me pancakes and steak.”

Me: “All right, anything else?”

Customer: “The garlic bread.”

Me: “We do not have that here.”

Customer: “Stop lying to me, you dumb b****.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t serve that.”

Customer: “Fine, get me just that, and make it right.”

Me: “I just put in the orders, but I’ll make sure the cook knows.”

When I bring out his food, he is on the phone, so I just set it on the table and walk away. I’m watching to see if he needs anything, and I see him take the lids off of all four syrups on the table and dump them all over his plate, table, and seats. He then tells the person on the phone that I’m lazy and a bad server.

Me: “Sir, can I get you anything, like a wet rag?”

Customer: “It’s not my job to clean it. Turn down the heat. And you didn’t bring me the right drink. I never got my d*** bread. Why did they even hire a stupid high school girl to work?”

I am fed up at this point.

Me: “Sir, you asked for water and I brought it for you. I am not allowed to touch the heater; only the managers can. I was hired because I’m a hard worker. I’m apparently smarter than you, because you can’t even understand that we do not have garlic bread at a breakfast-themed restaurant. Here is your ticket. Please pay and leave as soon as possible.”

He was embarrassed, and I no longer have a job, but it was so worth it.

We Eat People Like You For Breakfast

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No Underage Understanding, Part 3

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I am ringing up customers at around seven at night. A lady with beautiful purple hair and her friend walk up wanting to buy wine.

Me: “I need to see your IDs, please.”

She hands me hers. She’s over twenty-one, but her friend doesn’t have her ID.

Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t legally sell this to you.”

Customer: “But I’m the one buying it?”

Me: “Ma’am, it’s the law. I can’t tell how old your friend is.”

She argues with me more, and I have no idea how to handle it other than to be polite since she is the first customer to really blow up on me.

Customer: “Fine! I’ll send my friend to the car and go find someone who isn’t a c*** to check me out.” *Leaves*

Me: “Ma’am, you forgot your mini Rubik’s cube!”

She comes back and gets it.

Me: “Have a good night!”

I told the manager working and he told me that he would have banned her from buying it if I’d told him sooner about her. Oh, well. Karma has a heck of a bite to lay on her. Be nice to us; we’re trying not to end up in jail!

No Underage Understanding, Part 2
No Underage Understanding

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New Phone, Same Old Bosses

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I recently became a student and I need extra cash, so I apply for numerous jobs that are near campus and where I live. After weeks of getting nowhere, I get an interview for a waitressing position at a rather well-known Chinese buffet restaurant who also does specialised orders. It is in an area that was a little difficult for me to get to — two trains and the underground plus a twenty-minute walk — but I simply agree to it until I can find somewhere closer.

A few days later, I have the interview and I clearly make an impression as the boss asks me to stay and have a trial shift to see how I get on. I will be paid half of what I would be paid if I were to be hired.

A few days later, I receive the followup call confirming I’ve been successful and I will be starting the following week. Due to restrictions with classes and such, I am placed on weekend shifts and two short shifts through the week. It’s not ideal, but I’m taking what I can get. My boss draws up our schedules and sends them in a group chat via a texting app. I have said app, but I never use it.

One week into starting, I am stressed because I’ve never done waitressing before, but I am glad to just be working. But then, a customer trips and spills their drink over me during my break — and on my phone. I dry it off the best I can, but it is obvious that the liquid has gotten inside, so I stick it in rice and leave it to hopefully get the liquid out. I make my boss aware and he confirms he will help cover the cost of the damage if my insurance decides to not pay out, considering I wasn’t at fault. 

This restaurant only has three full-time employees: my boss, the owner, and one waitress. Other than that, there are just part-time students, and there are a lot of us. We are on a rotation so we work three out of four weeks a month; that’s why I don’t think anything of what happens next.

As I am leaving, I once again make my boss aware that my phone is not working. I ask him to inform me via email if I’m scheduled, as I have no way to access the app without my phone, and he confirms he will do so.

When I receive no schedule through a method I have access to, I assume it is the week I won’t be scheduled for and think nothing of it. Luckily, my insurance pays out and I get a new handset ordered that will be arriving the next day.

Once I’ve synced everything up, though, I see numerous missed calls through the app and on my caller log, and dozens of messages. I read through them all, and most are my boss furiously asking why I am refusing to answer. I told him multiple times my phone was broken and he said he would email me if I was scheduled, which he did not do.

Instead of calling him directly, I decide to make a trip to the restaurant as the language my boss used in the messages immediately made me want to resign. When I walk in, he turns a weird purple and red shade and takes me into the back room before yelling at me. Only after I’ve been sitting there for a few minutes does he run out of breath, and I seize my chance to speak.

Me: “So, you are annoyed with me because I didn’t turn up for my shifts, which I never knew I was scheduled for, because you sent them to me on an app I had no access to because my phone broke? Something I made you aware of a few times, at which point you gave audible confirmation that you would send me my shifts via email?”

His face goes through multiple colours at this as the owner is watching from the side, clearly about to fire me for neglecting the schedule. Now he is finding out I didn’t neglect it because I didn’t know I was scheduled.

Boss: “I didn’t know your phone was broke—”

Me: “Yes, you did. Because it happened as a customer tripped and spilled their drink on me whilst I was on break. And I told you it was in rice to try and soak out the liquid. You even said you would help cover the cost of a new handset in case my insurance refused to pay out.”

He tries to deny that this happened, but a simple look at CCTV and asking the guy who was scheduled with me at that time confirms this is how it played out. 

Me: “So either you weren’t listening to me the whole day or you were trying to make me look bad. I quit. The language you used on me when I opened those messages this morning after only receiving my new handset was disgusting and I don’t want to work for someone who treats his employees like that because you screwed up.”

He tried to defend himself a few times after this but the owner simply nodded at me to confirm I could leave and confirming he would not allow a bad reference when it came to potential new employers doing background checks. I found out two months later that my boss was fired himself for not changing a schedule as agreed for someone else who worked there who got really sick and requested to have her week that day. All I can say now is good riddance.

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